... language training


adrem... does not offer conventional language courses in the classical sense. That would be boring and not representative of our contemporary approach. A language can be learned far better when it is tailored to the interests of the participants. We combine those themes with key learning content, specific linguistic conventions, stylistic requirements, cultural peculiarities or the dreaded grammar. This makes learning more interesting whilst at the same time imparting knowledge – a double learning effect.


Our language training is aimed at people with a good basic knowledge of the foreign language. In groups of three to four people we tailor the content and join in defining the linguistic hurdles that need to be tackled and overcome. We conduct ample discussions in the foreign language and incorporate the necessary exercises into these. The training is supposed to be interesting and above all enjoyable, because mastering a foreign language takes time.


Anyone looking for an unconventional way of improving foreign language skills without following a course schedule planned far into the future is in the right place with us. Our offer is of interest to companies wishing to expand the English skills of their workers in a practice-related manner. In many cases employees bring language problems from their daily work along to the course, where we resolve them together. This remedies the problem and improves the linguistic expertise of the employee at the same time.