... interpreting


Conferences are our thing. Whether it is trade conferences on technical, scientific or medical themes, business conferences or negotiations – as professional interpreters we are able to swiftly familiarise ourselves with the subject matter and adapt to the situation. Not only are we expert in the language, we are also familiar with the cultural differences, enabling us to obtain the best outcome for you.


At adrem... we interpret simultaneously - listening and speaking at the same time - or consecutively, as required. We are also happy to assist you in locating the right interpreting equipment. Simultaneous interpreting booths and guiding systems simplify communication, save time and support professional events. Sometimes equipment is not even required – we know what is needed and will be happy to advise you with your planning.


We interpret for companies, associations, various committees in the fields of business and politics as well as for scientific and academic institutions. Here are a few examples:

  • technical conferences in the field of drive technology
  • OTWorld, orthopaedic and rehabilitation technology conference
  • general meetings of companies
  • medical training events, for example for spinal surgery
  • meetings of scientific advisory councils, for example the Leibniz Institute IAMO
  • conferences for European co-operation programmes
  • market research
  • audits for company certifications